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Transmissions From Beyond, The TTA Press Podcast; Featuring stories from Interzone (SF
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August 02, 2013 By: Andy Category: Announcements

In case anyone is still visiting this site we wanted to give fair warning that it will be removed from the TTA server within a week or two, so if there’s anything you’d like to download please do so now.

End of Transmission

July 12, 2011 By: Andy Category: Announcements

I’m sorry to say that we’re going to have to stop transmitting for a while. We hope to return some time soon with a new podcast, and we certainly intend to make new audio versions of TTA stories available somewhere. From time to time please check the main website at and its forum for updates. Meanwhile, thanks for listening.

Previous Transmissions will remain here for a good while yet, but please don’t forget that we continue to publish the magazines on schedule, and naturally we still encourage you to subscribe. :)

An Apology

May 09, 2011 By: Andy Category: Announcements

We’re very sorry that we haven’t been transmitting as often as we’d like lately. We have every intention of getting back to a regular schedule, so please bear with us. Many thanks!

Welcome to Transmissions From Beyond

March 28, 2011 By: Pete Category: Announcements

Welcome to Transmissions From Beyond, the TTA Press Podcast. We feature stories selected from the pages of the TTA Press magazines Interzone (science fiction & fantasy), Black Static (horror), and Crimewave (crime & mystery). New stories appear every other Monday.

If you’re new to TFB, the best place to start is by downloading Transmission 1 or listening to it online.  If you’re new to podcasting in general though, you’ll want to visit our helpful page on how to Receive Our Podcasts first.

Through the 11th of January 2010, you could download and listen to the BBC Radio 5 Live programme Pods & Blogs, where show host Jamillah Knowles interviewed Pete Bullock, TFB’s own editor. Pods & Blogs airs Monday nights at 11pm.  If they make it available again, you can download the episode with the interview here.

Please visit the webpages of the authors, illustrators, and readers and let them know you appreciate them.

TFB Logo

Upcoming Transmission 37:
Little Lost Robot by Paul McAuley
Read by Matthew Wayne Selznick
From Interzone 217, August 2008

Upcoming Videocast 3:
R.R. Angell interviewed by Joy Ward
Recorded at Denvention 3 - The 66th World Science Fiction Convention

Other Upcoming Videocasts:
Interviews with Gareth Powell and Colin Harvey